Travel Tips

Travel Tips With Your Baby

  1. Take plenty of snacks, kids appetites may vary to the timing of the travel cart plus snacking fills in some time.
  2. If your child has only recently been potty trained, you may want to consider putting them in pull-ups or a nappy for the flight just in case you might need them.
  3. Stay calm even if your child cries, don’t worry about what other passengers think, you are doing your best!
  4. Make sure you take Paracetamol with you onboard in case of earaches or other pain.
  5. Put some breathable fabric over the top of the bassinet to shield the baby from lights in the cabin.
  6. Try to keep your kids hydrated by frequently offering water and perhaps occasionally juice.
  7. Ask the hostesses for help if you need it, most of them will be really willing to help.
  8. If you need hostesses to heat bottles for you, ask them in advance of when you need it, they are often busy with catering duties, etc.
  9. If your baby takes a dummy, let them have it on take-off and landing to ease pressure on their ears, feeding babies on take-off and
  10. You can ask the cabin crew to keep your meal warm while you feed your kids and they can bring it to you when you are ready (within reason.)
  11. Dress your kids in layers, planes can be very cold or very hot, and layers mean you can adjust their clothing to suit the temperature.
  12. Let the kids have a wander and stretch out by strolling up and down the cabin every now and again.
  13. As much as possible stick to your child’s bedtime routine for evening or night flights, change them into their pajamas, read a story and have a bottle, etc. before having asleep.