Oil Massage

Oil For Baby Massage

The use of oils on infants is a complex subject, which is still being researched upon. The type of oil that you use depends on a lot of Considerations including, Cultural preference, Family tradition, Demographics, availability, skin types, trends, cost, and the health of the baby.
Using oil for massage is necessary for a comfortable flow to your touch; it acts as a lubricant and should also nourish and soothe a newborn’s skin. Vegetable and fruit oils are suitable products for massage and you could consider them ‘food’ for your babies; when your baby stuffs an oily fist in their mouth this feels especially important.
Usually, it is best not to use nut-based oil unless you know whether or not your baby has an allergy to nuts; this would include any peanut oil or almond oil. We advise against using nut-based oils until your physician has cleared your child for oral consumption of nut-based products.
Mineral oil, which is used for some commercially produced oils by big brands, is not considered an ideal medium for baby massage. Mineral oil is a highly processed by-product of petroleum; it is good at protecting the skin but can also clog the pores and doesn’t allow the skin to breathe, it can also create skin irritations and rashes and also has no nutritional value. Also, some brands of baby massage oil contain a mixture of several oils. This can make it difficult when trying to isolate the cause of possible skin reactions or allergies.
Before trying any baby massage oil, dab a little on the baby’s arm to see if it is compatible with the skin. If any rash develops, wash off completely and avoid using that oil. If the baby has eczema, it’s better to use medical emollient cream or ointment.
The International Association of Infant Massage recommends that babies be massaged with cold-pressed, unscented fruit and vegetable oils, considering the oils that are produced locally.
Cold-pressed oil is produced by pressing vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, or herbs mechanically and without the use of heat. Some of the benefits of these oils are
• They are edible, non-toxic, and safe if ingested.
• They can contain beneficial nutrients, such as vitamin E, A, B1, B2, B6, and calcium
• Are recognised as digestible foods by skin and body.
• These oils are less slippery when applied, so it’s safer to handle your baby after application
• They have no added scent, so infants can still enjoy their parents’ natural smell, and are not overwhelmed.

Use oil to massage your baby that you would eat on a salad – one that is fresh, natural, pure, and unscented. Perhaps you already have appropriate oil in your kitchen. Put it in a small squeeze bottle, if possible, to prevent spills.