About Us

Pallavi Gupta is an educator and holistic health practitioner, involved in the health and wellness field for over 15 years. She is a licensed Infant Massage Instructor, NAHA Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, and an experienced Spa and Salon consultant. She is also a Director at R3 Naturals Pvt ltd-A luxury hotel Spa and Salon Management chain.

Pallavi has been working with the International Association of Infant Massage and teaching the therapeutic art of Infant Massage to new mothers, and caregivers of various backgrounds including multi-cultural groups and vulnerable families. Her continuing education in the area of aromatherapy, reflexology, and bodywork with babies helped make her training program realistic and easy to implement. She is passionate about the idea of amalgamating ancient traditions with modern scientific and humanistic knowledge for improving general health and well-being. She is excited to add these parenting classes and workshops to her repertoire.

Pallavi sincerely believes that infant massage combined with the principles of aromatherapy and reflexology is a practical skill; using our hands for a positive touch and to keep it safe and accountable; professional hands should be only for demonstration purposes, while parental hands to perform in a positive, sensitive and loving manner so as to safeguard the baby, secure bonding and attachment along with ensuring parental well-being.

Pallavi believes in a holistic approach to health and takes pride in the fact that she has empowered hundreds of parents, and caregivers with the art of baby massage using a holistic, natural, and intuitive approach to parenting and childhood.

Her innovative approach to children’s health has allowed her the unique opportunity to train hospital staff, and healthcare professionals, collaborate on research studies and integrate pediatric massage therapy into some of the world’s leading medical institutions.