Mother/Parent Groups

We would love to come to Mothers/Parents groups organized by individuals or organizations. Contact us now to work out a discounted rate for your group.
For each type of class, we will provide a bottle of massage oil and an illustrated booklet recapping each stroke and giving you some further information about baby massage.

Course Curriculum

• Benefits of baby massage
• Basic daily cycle of an infant
• Safe positioning for baby massage
• Points to remember prior to massage
• The Permission Sequence
• Understanding baby cues & language
• Touch relaxation
• Massage stokes for legs, feet, stomach, chest, arms, hands, face and back
• Massage for wind, colic and constipation
• Gentle Movements
• Infant exercises for lymphatic drainage and flexibility.
• The best time and for how long to massage
• What massage oils to use?
• The importance of good positioning.
• How to adapt the strokes for your baby’s individual needs and the growing child.
• Contraindications of Infant Massage.

What makes our program so successful?
Uses Current Research: We are constantly reading the latest studies and articles and incorporating new findings into our courses.
Understands Newborns: We know that infants have unique physiological needs and limitations, and we tailor our training to accommodate individual babies.
Strengthens Families: Through teaching parents infant massage, we teach them to communicate with their babies in a positive, respectful way which leads to a strong family foundation.
Promotes Respect: The foundation of our program is love. We focus on the importance and joy of listening to babies and engaging in a powerful but simple interaction that reinforces the value of life.